Mission Statement

To witness to the “good news” of God’s love in Jesus Christ to the higher education community of Columbia by inviting, equipping, and challenging students, faculty, and staff to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit and to grow in faith and discipleship.

In seeking to fulfill our mission we will work in partnership with the higher education community as it “strives to educate graduates who are capable of excelling in their chosen fields, who are dedicated to learning throughout their life, and who are responsible citizens in a complex society requiring difficult ethical and value-related decision (University’s Mission, University of South Carolina).”

In the academic years 2002-2021, through witness, worship, fellowship, study, service, prayer, pastoral care, faith development, and discipleship we will accomplish our mission by focusing on these goals:

1. Build an open, inclusive, diverse, vibrant, and broad-based Christian student community that serves as witness to the higher education arena;
2. Develop an engaging ministry with faculty and staff where faith and discipleship may flourish in the crucible of higher education work and life;
3. Challenge the Columbia higher education community to be increasingly responsive to all the needs of people learning and growing in its midst; and
4. Interpret the work of and build strong leadership for Presbyterian Campus Ministry among its partners within area colleges and universities, the Church, and the larger community.