Welcome to the UKirk SC website! UKirk SC is a faith community for higher education students, faculty, and staff asking big questions and dreaming worthy dreams. We are glad you are here and hope you will also check us out in person. Looking forward to seeing you at our UKirk Center!

UKirk, as it is known around campus, is a community of students of different faith traditions that come together to share our faith journey through Christian fellowship, fun, service, worship, and witness. By encouraging an open exchange of ideas, we strive to be a Christian community in which we support each other in our lives: rejoice together, laugh together, have fun together, grow in faith together, praise God together.

UKirk is at the same time the fun, faithful and energetic group that meets and gathers here at the UKirk Student Center, 1702 Greene Street, about two and a half blocks from the middle of USC. At the Student Center you will find a place to eat, study, not study, hang out, play pool, and catch up with old and new friends.

So UKirk is a group and a place to be that does indeed want to warmly welcome you to campus, Columbia, USC, Columbia College, or Midlands Tech. We have a lot of great activities going on each week from Worship Sundays, to WomenSpace, to Men’s Bible Study, to Mission Tuesdays, to UKirk Wednesdays, to our weekly Mission project, and finally to weekend service and fellowship events. Read on to find out just how you can get involved! And bring your big questions, worthy dreams.

Rev. John R. Cook, Campus Minister
phone: 803-799-0212
fax: 803-799-0211
e-mail: jcook@shandonpresbyterian.org