"Ukirk SC is a place to be exactly who God created you to be!"

Fellowship/Small Groups

Join UKirk for faithful fun at one of our many Small Group or Fellowship times! We have lunches, dinners, retreats, WomenSpace, Men’s Bible Study, movie and game nights; plus, the Ukirk Presbyterian Student Center (1702 Greene) is open for you to study, not study, hang out, play pool, and catch up with old and new friends.

New Student Welcome

Welcome to college! We’re glad you are here and we are so glad you are checking out the UKirk SC website. Take a look around the website and we invite you to stop by anytime!

Mission Statement

To witness to the “good news” of God’s love in Jesus Christ to the higher education community of Columbia by inviting, equipping, and challenging students, faculty, and staff to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit and to grow in faith and discipleship. In seeking to fulfill our mission we will work in partnership […]